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4th Wall Mingle Post

What: 4TH WALL
When: JULY 8TH - JULY 14TH

×) Start a thread with your character - either one who's in game already, or one you're bringing in for the 4th wall event.
×) Put the character's name and their location in the subject line, and write a little about what they're doing in the body of the comment.
×) Rinse and repeat with as many characters as you want!
×) Comment around, thread, and have fun!

If you've got a thread going in the original log, by all means continue! But if you'd like to start a new thread, this is the place to do it! The goal here is to hold off the advent of Captcha for as long as possible in the first log, because it turns on automatically when a post hits 5,000 comments, and there's nothing we as mods can do to turn it off. 8(

ETA: Feel free to make up headcanon for your Loki bros! Ridiculous and hilarious histories are entirely encouraged!
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Rinoa approves of this 2 Squalls thing!

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[And along comes a Rinoa.]

There you are! I was thinking we should probably check out the rest of the ship together. [She counts off on her fingers.] I've seen Selphie and Seifer... but I haven't ran into Irvine yet. Have you?
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It needs to happen, totally.

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[...And he just stands there, totally confused. Did... this woman know him somehow? She looks like that one girl that danced with him at the graduation ceremony since that was the time frame he was picked up from. Right before he had that mission in Timber]

[And, she knew Selphie and Seifer, but who the hell is Irvine? A friend of hers, maybe? Proceed with the head tilt of confusion.]

...Do... I know you?
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[She waves a hand, looking away from him with a, PLEASE BOY DON"T EVEN TRY IT, sort of expression.]

Good try, but that isn't going to work with me, Squall. Come on. [She waves for him to follow before she starts walking away.]
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[No, he's seriously confused here. Whose this woman think she is to order him around? It makes him a tad bit suspicious.]

...No. I want to know how you know me, let alone my name. [Srs. Bsns. Fais. He's not playing around, Rinny.]
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[She turns around. Hands on her hips. Eyes narrowing on him.]

You have the weirdest sense of humor. If you don't want to find Irvine you can just do what you always do... [She folds her arms, lowers her head and a series expression settles on her face as she goes into full-out Squall imitation mode.] Whatever, Rinoa. I have more important things to do. Like polish my gunblade and be a grump all day long. [Okay so she improvised a lot. But you get the point.]
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/whistles innocently

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[He frowns. He's still incredibly confused, and yet this woman acts as if she knows him. Still suspicious of you, Rinny.]

I don't know who this... Irvine is. ...And I have more things to do with my day than just... polish my gunblade. [Well, that didn't sound dirty all.]

...Tell me who you are.
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[For a short time Rinoa is silent and stares at him, starting to become confused as well. She wasn't dense enough to not pick up on the fact that he is being series, and it takes her a while to finally put two and two together.]

You... don't know who I am?

[And of course Rinoa finally recalls that Selphie had mentioned that there was a Squall on the Loki ship. Why had she not realized that she would possibly run into him.]
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...No. [Cold and indifferent he may have been, but at least he's honest.]

You... look like a woman that danced with me at the SeeD graduation party. [She was a bit annoying then, but relatively harmless. Even if she did pull him out of his corner.]
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[ANNOYING? Pff. Whatever, dude, you were all into this and you know it!]


[Her voice draws off and she presses her lips together once she knows that she isn't going to say anything else. It's weird that she was relieved when she found out that Seifer was from about the same time, but with Squall... she feels disappointed. And her disappointment is very clear in her expression and how her shoulders sag a little.]

We danced together that night. But you really don't remember anything else after that? Timber? Trying to stop Sorceress Edea? Or the weeks that Garden was adrift at sea?
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[No, he wanted to stay in his corner and drink the night away. And he had almost gotten to the point where he wouldn't be criticized for leaving the party 'too early.' Would have made his night just fine and dandy. And then he was pulled away from his corner. And he looked like an awkward moron on the dance floor.]

[A pause, but shakes his head. Nope. Doesn't remember any of that.]

...Timber sounds vaguely familiar. [But that's only because he's heard of the name, not the events that took place there.]
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[Well. This sucks. She frowns, moping for a little longer before she turns away slightly so he doesn't see her face.]

It wasn't that far from Balamb. I lived there.
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[Maybe that's why it sounded familiar to him, because it was near Balamb. Maybe that's why she was at the graduation party, because she lived nearby?]

[Oh well. Not that it mattered while he was out here in space. It's not like he was going to go home soon anyway.]

...Do I... know you in the future? [Since Selphie told him that she was from the future. Was this woman in his future too?]
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Yeah, I guess I am. [She takes another moment, then turns around to face him again with a smile.] We'll just have to introduce ourselves all over again.

[She holds out her hand toward him.] Hello there. I'm Rinoa.
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[He blinks, still surprised at the woman's... forwardness. What kind of future did he have with her anyway.]

[Still, he was a man of protocol, and, when offered a hand that was meant to shake, he was going to shake it. He takes her hand into his gloved one, and, with a firm grip, gives it one solid shake.]

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[He doesn't even know the full extent of her forwardness. Dragging him onto a dance floor was only the beginning.

She smiles as he says his name, even though, you know, she already knows it.

After he shakes her hand, she matches it the best she can, one solid shake and then she releases his hand.]

Nice to meet you, Squall. What is it that you do? [She's smiling a little too much, giving away that she's actually enjoying this game of asking questions she already knows the answer to.]
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[Clean mah gunblade and kick Seifer's ass. You know, the usual.]

[Once his hand is released, it goes down to his side, easing up a little bit.]

I'm a SeeD mercenary. I take on missions which include, but are not limited to, providing military support and protecting civilians. Both the government and civilians can request for these services. [Very dry and textbook definition there.]
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[She giggles behind a hand, because of his explanation.] And did all your extensive training for that position also include ballroom dancing?
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[You're probably not going to get much more of a reaction from him, Rinny. He as cold as ice and his conversation skills suck. Though it is funny trying to imagine Zell and Seifer going through that same training.]

...Yes. [He's dead serious.] There are times when SeeD are needed for covert missions. [Like, it's the most obvious thing in the world. Why wouldn't they learn how to ballroom dance?]
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oh bb sorry! I didn't get a notif.

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[No worries. Rinoa is used to trying to break thorough his ice, so it doesn't stop her.]

What other skills did they teach you to be used for these covert missions?
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