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What: 4th Wall
When: July 14th
Where: All over the Thor
Warnings: Saying goodbye. 8(

×) Start a thread with your character - either one who's in game already, or one you're bringing in for the 4th wall event.
×) Put the character's name and their location in the subject line, and write a little about what they're doing in the body of the comment.
×) Rinse and repeat with as many characters as you want!
×) Comment around, thread, and have fun!

While it's not strictly necessary to use this post for GOODBYES, that is what it is here for...your friends are leaving and you don't know when you'll see them again, so see them off with a proper bon voyage if that is something you would like to do.

And if not, we dunno, party like it's 29,999, maybe. /o/

(The official end-event post will be up in the main community fairly soon.)
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[Squall hates to see her leave. Really. He does. Of course, he won't admit it or ask her to stay because he knows it probably wouldn't happen. But the least he could do was try for a good send-off.]

... Be careful over there. [He's not good at this.]
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[Aww, Commander came to see her off~ It's really sweet of him. Kind of really awkward for him, but Squall's not that used to showing emotions and actually caring about people. So, this is really special to her.]

[So much so that she just can't resist giving him a hug. Because that's how Selphie rolls.]

You be careful, too.
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[Squall doesn't exactly return the hug, but he doesn't push her away. That's close enough, right?]

Always am. [Pause.] Make sure... other me is alright. [What with Seifer over there and being from so long ago.]
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[Well, it's probably as close to hugging as she's going to get with Squall. Still better than nothing. But she hasn't let go just yet. Maybe it's because this is a slightly older Squall. Not much older, but some bad things have happened to him. But at the mention of the Loki Squall, she can't help but smile.]

He's almost like a baby, from the time frame he comes from. He still has a long way to go... Technically, so do you, but...[Yeah, no spoilers. She's from further ahead of where you are, so she knows that there is a lot of stuff ahead for you as well.]

I'll make sure he makes it out okay.
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(Of course there's more for me to do.)

[Squall's expression nearly turns into a scowl, trying to rack his brain into figuring out what might happen. What he might have to do back on their world, when he finally gets to go home. What horrid things might turn up.

But there's time or that later.

... He's not sure he'd like to think of himself from not that long ago as a baby, though.]
Can't you word that differently? [It's still Squall.]

Keep an eye on Irvine too. [He's some sort of pervert or something!]